Doggy Daycare

Catering to Doggy Demand


Wanna play ball big guy?

We are very excited to be able to offer our wider community our wonderful new doggy daycare service.

After 10 years in the dog care business we know what your pets like, we know how to choose the right playmates, and we know how to keep the fun safe and friendly.

We’re building an indoor area where your mates can have awesome fun filled days, where there’s plenty of stimulation, and interaction. And above all, a place where they will look forward to spending time, be extremely excited to be, but above all, feel happy and safe.

We will have play equipment, toys and even a place   where your pooch can have some down time to relax and recharge on their own, that’s really important too, interaction and play can be thoroughly exhausting.

Imagine a service that’s so complete that we do everything, a service that makes it so easy!


Yes of course you do, you love your ball !

We have a unique custom built dog trailer with fully enclosed insulated walls that makes for a safe, warm, comfortable ride to our premises. We will work in with you to pick your mate up in the morning,

direct from your door, and be there early evening to drop your mate back home, thus saving you time and the running costs normally incurred having to drop your pet off yourself.

We are 100% confident you will love how happy and perhaps tired your dog is at the end of a fun filled day.

All of this for just $18.00 per day, this price includes the pick up and drop off service.


You want the stick?

So easy, so affordable, and soo much fun for your best mate!


Phone us now for details.


Good morning Tas, what a pretty girl !