Taffy’s Custom Built Dog Kennels

Kennels 3Dog owners will often need to leave their pets outside at certain times of the day or night and this is why a good quality dog kennel is essential. You should always make sure that the kennel you find for your dog is the very best that you can find. Getting an excellent kennel will ensure that your dog is dry, feels safe and enjoys spending time in their kennel when they are outside.  A great option is to look at Taffy’s Custom Made Dog Kennels, just contact us and we can put you in touch with Taffy.

First and foremost all of the kennels for dogs that you look at must be weather proof. This is an absolute essential even if you live somewhere that has good weather most of the time. Buying a kennel that will let in water if it rains is a definite no go so you will need to ensure the one that you buy is waterproof.  Taffy’s dog Kennels have a roof that has been treated to make it water proof or he can also fit a beautiful Coloursteel roof if required.

Kennels 2Next the dog kennels that you look at have to offer your dog the comfort that he or she needs. While most owners will put a dog bed, blankets or pillows inside the kennel you need to choose one that is the right size. If you have a puppy think about how big it is likely to grow much bigger choose the size of the kennel accordingly. Taffy custom builds kennels in all sizes so you should not have any problems in getting one that will be ideal for your pet.

Keep your dog cozy and warm in a handmade, beautifully built custom dog kennel.  Easy access from the front or top for cleaning.

Taffy can build to most individual needs and the quality of the finish is of a very high standard.

Kennel pictured is 800 x 800 x 800 and would suit Medium to Large dogs.  Kennels can be made any size – even smaller versions for cats.

Please email or phone Pawprints Kennels for contact details.

Also available are planter boxes to beautify areas or even plant herbs and veges in.